New Work by Jennie Lennick
Curated by Amy Cancelmo
January 13 - April 4, 2014
Artist Reception: Thursday, January 30, 6:00-9:00pm
Spare Change Artist Space | 465 California Street, Suite 838 |               

COME AND GET IT! is a multi-media exhibition which blurs the line between high art and kitsch, and challenges the notion of fine art as commodity. The show features three series; Me & Others, a series of collages, forced collaborations between famous artists and Lennick created by combining Jennie's drawings and paintings with pages torn from art magazines and auction house catalogues. The food series: Cantaloupe Salads and Cheeses of France began with images found in vintage cookbooks which are later recreated in multiple mediums. The resulting work shifts a forgotten or undesirable image into several art objects, giving them energy and value.

Curated by: Amy Cancelmo, Richard Rinehart, & Julie Sutherland
Opening Reception: April 12, 2014 7-10 pm
Exhibition Dates: April 9 - 26, 2014
Root Division | 3175 17th Street San Francisco, CA |

Kitsch-in is an exhibition exploring the revival and recurrence of mid-century images of home-making, food, and the kitchen in contemporary visual culture. Images of housewives and retro kitchen couture have been a key point of reference for artists of all genders and races in both critical and celebratory investigations of nostalgic experience of food and domesticity. Referencing the midcentury modern woman who could “have it all” with the help of 20th century kitchen products (TV dinners, processed food, dishwashers, and convection ovens), this exhibition broadens the notion of the kitchen as a place of collective nostalgia and reappropriation.

Kitsch-in is being presented in tandem with Root Division's annual fundraiser TASTE 2014.